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  • 01Sirsi Dam

    Sirsi Dam

    Sirsi Dam or Sirsi waterfall is located about 45 kms from Mirzapur. The dam is a well built water storage facility and is located close to the Tanda Falls. The site is considered beautiful because the water falls from a considerable height. The natural...

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  • 02Tanda Falls

    Tanda Falls

    Tanda falls in Mirzapur are one of the most scenic picnic spots in the region. The natural water stream and water reservoir are major tourist attractions because of their peaceful atmosphere and abundant beauty.

    The waterfall is easily accessible by road...

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  • 03Kal Bhairav Temple

    Kal Bhairav Temple

    The Kal Bhairav Temple is an old temple located southwest of Vindhyachal city. It is dedicated to Shri Kaal Bhairav, also known as Kshetrapal is regarded as the guardian of the temple. The sites attract hordes of devotees during the religious festivals.

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  • 04Meja Dam

    Meja Dam

    The Meja Dam in Mirzapur is famous for its rich fauna. The site is also popular among birdwatchers that flock here to study the several varieties of migratory and residential birds. Situated about 50 kms away from Mirzapur, the reservoir is the perfect destination...

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  • 05Pakka Ghat

    Pakka Ghat

    The Pakka Ghat is a magnificent sandstone structure with fine engravings. The ghat itself is very scenic and the temple situated adds a mystic quality to the entire area. The elaborate structure that has a wide stairway leading down to the waterway is often...

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  • 06Chunar Fort

    Chunar Fort

    The Chunar Fort is an ancient and famous fort located in Chunar. It was constructed during the 16th century by Maharaja Vikramaditya, the King of Ujjain for his brother Raja Bharthari. Legend has it that Raja Bharthari died and took Mahasamadhi at this fort. Much...

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  • 07Jhoolanotsava


    Jhoolanotsava or swing festival is dedicated to the Hindu Gods and is celebrated in the three main temples in the region, the Shree Dwarkadheesh Temple, Ganga Jamuna Saraswati Temple and Kunj Bhuwan. Several worshippers throng the site of these three temples...

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  • 08Nar Ghat

    Nar Ghat

    Narghat lies on the banks of Mirzapur city. As per historical records, a tank named Narain used to lie at the spot, but it was later engulfed by the river.

    After that the present Narghat was used as a jetty for the cargo barges on which various products...

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  • 09Kantit Mela

    Kantit Mela

    The Kantit Mela is one of the prominent melas celebrated by locals and tourists. The mela is a symbol of universal brotherhood. People from all walks of life come to celebrate the spirit of joy and happiness.

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  • 10Lohandi Mela

    Lohandi Mela

    The Lohandi Mela is the time when locals and devotees visit an old Hanuman temple 2 km south of the city. During the festivities, the temple is beautifully decorated with light or diyas. The mela or fair is held during kartik purnima and all...

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  • 11Ojhala Mela

    Ojhala Mela

    The Ojhala Mela is the name of a famous fair held at Mirzapur. The fair is named after the Ojhala River which runs near it. Ojhala is also the present name of the river which was earlier called Ujjvala. The mela is held every year and is visited by both tourists...

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  • 12Sidhnath ki Dari

    Sidhnath ki Dari

    This natural waterfall gets its name from Siddhnath Baba who used to meditate here. The site is a popular getaway spot for locals and tourists.

    Furthermore, people also come here to study the old rock paintings and carvings. The ancient rock site and the...

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  • 13Kajari Mahotsava

    Kajari Mahotsava

    The Kajari Mahotsava is one of the most famous festivals of Mirzapur. The festival pays homage to Kajali, the daughter of King Kantit who used to sing lovely songs dedicated to the husband she could never meet during her life.

    Although the festival has...

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